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Once again Spain is the World Champion

Juan Alberto Ramon and Juan Miguel Hernández won a spectacular final against previous champions Eleazar Ocaña and Toni Palacios



The World Championship of Padbol "Spain 2014" will be remembered for the overall progress in the quality of play and a remarkable increase in its spectacular; and in that feature, on the top is the couple, also champions of Spain, formed by "Juanal and Juanmi" that met the majority forecast taking the most important international Padbol title.

After advancing during the championship knocking out all the opponents, they found more resistance in semifinal and final. In the semifinal and facing the Argentina couple formed by Aracil and Aguirre, they should demand something more of its machinery. In the final and playing against the fabulous couple of Toni Palacios and Eleazar Ocaña, World Champions in the first Padbol World Championship "Argentina 2013", things went even more balanced finishing with a score of 6/4 and 7/5 in a meeting hotly contested and full of alternatives.

In a competition marked by a general international growth should be noted the achievements of the people of the club "La Nave del Padbol" from Mallorca (Spain) that in just 1 1/2 year since its join to the Padbol family, got the first and third place of the podium delighting the audience with his beautiful and effective way to play.

All data, statistics and results of this competition are available in Wikipedia. (in spanish)

During the closing ceremony the delegation of Uruguay performed the presentation of the next Padbol World Cup "Punta del Este 2016"

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Once again Spain is the World Champion
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